If you decide to use fresh wedding flowers, the best way to save money is to use flowers that are in season and to purchase them wholesale. To save hundreds of dollars, consider arranging them yourself or enlist someone to do it for you. If you need instructions for DIY flower arranging, check YouTube for “wedding flower arrangements” and you will find plenty of instructions and ideas. The only problem is that fresh flowers must be arranged the day before your wedding and kept in a cool place. To keep the stress down, you will need to plan ahead. Consider making a bouquet with cheap flowers like carnations to get some practice before your wedding. Keep in mind that some wholesalers require you to order your flowers in advance with a specific delivery date. One of the best prices I have found online for wholesale wedding flowers is The Flower Exchange.

You can use Telefora’s Wedding Flower website to browse what’s in season at the time of your wedding and to get an idea of the costs are.

Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Winter Wedding Flowers – Crisp, cool and festive.

Examples of budget winter flowers include Paperwhite Narcisssus, Poinsettia, and Carnation; moderately priced flowers include Rose, Gerber Daisy, Tulip, and Star of Bethlehem; and expensive winter flowers include Amaryllis, Ranunculus, Cymbidium Orchids, Anemone, Gardenia, and Stephanotis.

Spring Wedding Flowers –Light, fresh, and airy.

Some examples of budget flowers available at this time of year are Iris and Tulip. Moderately priced flowers include Hyacinths, Lisianthus, Sweet Pea, Bluebell, Rose, Columbine, Delphinium, and Gerber Daisies; expensive flowers include Tweedia, Peony, and Lilac.

Summer Wedding Flowers—Carefree, bright, fun, and sunny.

Summer weddings offer more flowers to choose from at lower costs. Examples of budget flowers include Snapdragons, Queen Anne’s Lace, Spider or Fiji Chrysanthemums, Alstroemeria, Asters, and Zina. Moderately priced flowers include Rose, Veronica, Stock, Sunflower, Freesia, Poppy, and Gerber Daisy.

Autumn Wedding Flowers—Rich, deep, and warm.

Fewer choices for cheap wedding flowers are available in the fall. Examples of budget flowers include Alstroemeria, Gladioli, Marigolds, Asters, and Chrysanthemums. Moderately priced flowers include Zinnia, Yarrow, Asters, Dahlia, Celosia, Asiatic Lily, Gerber Daisy, Rose, and Leucadendron.

A little note about Hydrangea: Although generally an expensive flower, Hydrangea are worth considering because their large size allows you to purchase fewer flowers. They are not readily available in the fall, however.


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