One way to save money on your wedding flower decorations is to make them do triple duty so that your flowers, favors and “place cards” are all-in-one.

Purchase trays of inexpensive, flowering plants from a garden center and transplant them into pretty little pots, espresso cups, a variety of tea cups found at thrift stores, or for a winter or earthy wedding, use hollowed out birch logs. Use tiny pebbles to cover the soil to keep the look clean. Attach the names of your guests to each pot by using either a place card or by painting it on the pot. Use these little flower arrangements to designate seating or arrange them on the table in any pattern you like such as a cluster or perhaps in the shape of a heart. If you wish, you can create a focal point in the center of your flower pot arrangement by using tall candles, or even an arrangement of tall, elegant sticks collected from your yard or nearby woods and painted in your choice of colors.

Another fun idea for a winter wedding is to purchase seedling trees or shrubs from a wholesale nursery. Your guests can take the little tree home and plant it in their yard as a wonderful memento from you wedding. You can get little blue spruce seedlings, 6-10 inches tall, for around 55 cents each at To save money, rather than plant them in pots, wrap the soil and roots in plastic and burlap and tie with a ribbon for a rustic look. Cluster them in the middle of the tables and add colorful accents.

So there you have it, beautiful cheap wedding flower arrangements that are easy to do, look beautiful and will make a big impression on your guests.

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